Kudos Diapers

Meet the first and only disposable diaper where baby’s bum touches 100% doctor-recommended cotton all day. Not plastic.
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Kudos Diapers

A typical baby spends over 22,000 hours chilling in diapers before potty training. What’s touching their skin matters! Kudos is the only disposable diaper where baby’s bum touches 100% doctor-recommended, carbon-negative, sensitive-skin-friendly cotton all day. Not plastic.

Select a diaper size

Each size has a helpful wetness indicator. See our

8 – 13 lbs

11 – 17 lbs

15 – 28 lbs

22 – 37 lbs

27+ lbs

35+ lbs

Select a print

Our prints grow and change with the cognitive developmental stages of your baby. Cute! And smart.

Sizes 1-2

Sizes 1-2

Size 3

Size 3

Sizes 4-6

Sizes 4-6

Sizes 1-6

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100% breathable cotton

Sensitive baby bums should chill in breathable cotton all day. Not plastic.

DoubleDryTM Tech

Patent-pending technology that features two absorption layers instead of one.

4x greener

Made with 4x the plant-based components than the leading diaper brand.

Zero hassle

Resize, reschedule, or cancel your subscription at any time.

No extra yucks

Baby butts don’t need irritating extras to feel extra clean (and cute). Kudos diapers contain none of these yucks.
  • Chlorine
  • Lotions
  • Latex
  • Fragrances
  • Parabens

“Our daughter started getting diaper rashes recently, and we hadn’t changed anything in terms of brands. As soon as we switched to these diapers, by the second diaper her rash was clearing up and by the second day it was completely gone.”


“These are the best diapers I ever used on my son. I’ve double and triple diapered him at night to avoid changing wet sheets every morning, and these diapers are the ONLY ones that kept him completely dry through the night.”

Alexandria O.

“Loved how soft these diapers are! My little one suffers from eczema and these are the only disposables I’ve found that don’t rub her the wrong way when she has a flare up.”

Clare H.

How Kudos compares

Our mission

Rolling, crawling, stepping toward a plastic-free future

Let’s get there together. One tush at a time.

If all diapers were made the Kudos way

500 million

pounds of plastic would be replaced with clean, unbleached, natural cotton.

2 billion

pounds of fossil-fuel derived diaper materials would now be sourced from renewable materials each year.

That’s the equivalent weight of


diaper pail trash bags

Do Kudos diapers have a wetness indicator?

Yes! Each diaper size and all Kudos prints include a helpful wetness indicator that will turn from yellow to blue when a diaper is wet and should be changed.

How long do diapers typically take to arrive?

You can expect your diapers to ship within 1-2 business days of placing the order, and arrive within another 1 - 4 business days (depending on your location).

How do I change my subscription?

You can manage all aspects of your subscription by logging into your Kudos account at www.mykudos.com

How are Kudos diapers different from bamboo diapers?

Unfortunately, even diapers made of seemingly natural ingredients, like bamboo, can use harmful processing techniques that are dangerous for the planet. Not Kudos. Kudos diapers are made from 2x more plant-based ingredients than the leading natural brands, and are the first and only disposable diaper to have a breathable, hypoallergenic 100% cotton liner. In fact, our cotton is cleaned in a revolutionary process that doesn't use harsh chemicals - you can read more about our cotton here.

Where do you source your cotton?

Kudos diapers are the first and only disposable diapers to have earned the Cotton Natural Seal from Cotton Inc. Our cotton is provided by TruCotton which is 100% sourced from farms in the U.S.A (read more about it here). It’s the only thing that touches your baby’s sensitive bum!

Are Kudos disposable or reusable?

Kudos diapers are meant to be disposed of in the trash of after use. We know many parents rely on the convenience of disposable diapers, so we’ve focused our efforts on sourcing Kudos materials from the most sustainable and renewable resources possible. Our diapers are 2x more plant-based than the leading natural disposable diaper brands. We are pushing ourselves (and hopefully, the industry) so that we can get to a 100% plant-based diaper without sacrificing quality. With your help and support, we can get there!

How should I dispose of Kudos diapers? / Are Kudos compostable?

While Kudos diapers are made from more plant-based ingredients than any other disposable diaper out there, even Kudos diapers are not fully compostable and should be disposed of in the trash. Regardless of what you hear, no disposable diaper on the market is 100% compostable. And, no diaper should ever be flushed down the toilet. However! We are exploring partnerships with some industrial composting facilities that will be able to break down the parts of the diaper that can be composted. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. Check out our blog article on the “4 dirty composting truths” to learn more.