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In gearing up for our big diaper launch, the team here at Kudos has had a lot of time to think about what we stand for as a company - and what we don’t.

What we stand for:

  • Love is love
  • Family is family
  • All parents are deserving of all the Kudos

What we stand against:

  • LGBTQ+ families face disproportionate challenges, exorbitant costs, and (in some states, legally allowed) discrimination when trying to grow or start their families
  • While the diversity of parents is so beautifully on display in our own families, it has little representation in the families we see in other baby brands and in the media

That’s why, in celebration of our launch and Pride month, we are so excited to announce our partnership with Family Equality.

During the month of June, we’ll be donating 5% of all Kudos diaper sales to support the amazing initiatives of Family Equality to advance lived and legal equality for LGBTQ+ families across the country.

What you can expect to see from us in June and beyond:

  • 5% of all Kudos diaper sales made during the month of June donated to support the work of Family Equality
  • Weekly spotlights during June showcasing resources available to LGBTQ+ families looking to expand their families
  • Twice a week spotlights during June featuring LGBTQ+ families that inspire us
  • Year long partnership with Gays with Kids to serve as their official diaper expert
  • Ongoing commitment to showcasing, and celebrating, the diversity of what parenthood looks like within our community



#KudosForAll #HappyPride

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