The Kudos Difference

100% clean cotton? Heck yes

Sensitive buns should chill in breathable cotton all day. Not plastic. Our engineers designed Kudos to be the only disposable diapers fully lined with hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, 100% clean cotton.

Leaks? Only dry cheeks

A natural diaper that works = the goal. In testing, Kudos have already proven to be reliable day and night, with our DoubleDry™ tech that double-protects. Keeping 🍑s dry (and onesies drier).

Momma Earth? Very happy

We’ve designed Kudos to be 3x more plant-based than the leading natural disposable diapers. Soft. Sustainable. Better for your baby’s world and the big wide world, too. Into it? Lend us your tush!

Parents Love Kudos

I was BLOWN AWAY by how well your diapers performed. My nanny ended up trying them out the next day, after my rave review, and could also not believe how much better they were than the Huggies we've been using.

Alex O.

My daughter was suffering from a bit of diaper rash and after only using three of the Kudos diapers it was gone and did not return. The fit was better and it did not irritate her skin or cause any leaks.”

Laura S.

My husband and I really liked them! When my husband was changing our kid's diaper, he picked one of the Kudos diaper (not knowing I had gotten them) and he was like, "Wow these are really great let's get more of these!"

Josie S.