Kudos is a Fast Company Design by Innovation honoree

You’re looking at the best diaper for sustainability design!

Our 👩‍🔬quest to redesign the diaper is being recognized. Kudos received an honorable mention in Fast Company 2022 Innovation by Design Awards!

As a small team of moms, dads, engineers, scientists, and marketers with a laser-focus on diapering the world differently, being recognized alongside brilliant innovations like THIS is a dream 👏 come 👏 true 👏. 

Thank you, Fast Company. And thank you, Kudos fam. We 100% share this honor with you.

“On the surface, a Kudos diaper looks identical to Pampers or Huggies, but while a traditional diaper’s liner is made from polyester and polypropylene, Kudos’ is made from 100% cotton. Underneath this top layer, Saigal’s team has patented an absorbency layer made from plant-based materials, including wood pulp.”

See our full Fast Company article here.

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Hi, we're Kudos! The first and only disposable diaper to have earned the Cotton Natural seal from Cotton Inc. for having 100% clean cotton hugging baby's bum all day.

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