Kudos to Mom: Marika Frumes, Founder of Mysha

In this Kudos to Mom spotlight, we were so excited to sit down with Marika Frumes, founder of one of our favorite mom groups (but really it's so much more), Mysha. Interested in joining an upcoming pod? Apply here!
Tell us about what motivated you to start Mysha?
Mysha was born from a personal need.  As the first in her friend group to become pregnant, I deeply craved a new community where I could find support for all the rapid changes happening in my mind and body.  All the things I saw online catered to the rosy, commercial experience of motherhood...and none of it resonated with who I was.
As a community builder, I wanted to create an environment ripe for deep friendships and "real" talk. I also didn't want this to be a traditional "mom group" where the focus was all baby...Being an entrepreneur, I wanted to be around other women who intimately understood the juggle between their home life and their professional pursuits; and wanted to support each other in both of those. 
What has been the biggest surprise since starting Mysha? 
I am still shocked at how close I've become with the moms in my pod. Even though some of us have never met, it feels like a sisterhood. This is the general experience in all mysha pods. I think some of these moms will be friends forever. 
What’s your biggest piece of advice to new moms? 
Establish your support system BEFORE you deliver! I spent so much time focusing on the actual delivery, that coming home from the hospital was a total shock. I was so out of it physically and had no idea what to do with the baby. The experience felt isolating and lonely. Once I had access to my pod, my mental health really improved as I no longer felt alone in the journey. 

About the author

Marika is a community builder, facilitator and super connector. She is the founder of Mysha, the mom group reimagined. Mysha curates intimate pods of moms based on delivery month and a secret sauce for ultimate connection. Each pod is moderated to ensure deep connections and expanded networks. Your mysha pod becomes your go-to for resources, support and community as you navigate motherhood. It takes a village...and mysha delivers yours, when you need it.

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