#KudosForAll Spotlight: Erik Alexander

In today’s #KudosForAll spotlight we are so proud to feature Erik Alexander (@NolaPapa) and his beautiful family! What we love about Erik: His commitment, through his children’s book series and inspirational clothing collection, to help show kids around the country the diversity of what families look like. Thank you Erik for inspiring and helping so many with your work!

Four years ago, Erik Alexander from New Orleans, Louisiana, of Nolapapa.com set out on a mission to help normalize how people viewed same sex parents and their families. 

He felt by starting a blog and documenting his own family’s journey that it would help not only inspire other same sex couples to create their own dream of having a family, but perhaps help to bridge the gap between all families from all walks of life. By giving a glimpse into their own life, it would allow them to see that gay parents love their children just as much as anyone else. 

He also found out quickly by reading to his children every night that representation of same sex families was hard to come by in children’s books. 

So, with a dream in his pocket and friends by his side, he was able to set the wheels in motion. By having a multiracial family of his own that is being raised by two dads, he felt strongly that this was the perfect scenario that would help to not only captivate young imaginations, but also to help melt away any insecurities felt by their parents. 

Representation is crucially important for anyone, but especially when you are a child. Positive visibility helps to break the taboo stereotypes, especially when helping to expand a parent’s mind on accepting all loving families for who they are, despite any differences they may have. Respect and tolerance is the key in paving the way for a well rounded and loving heart. 

‘The Adventures of Addie Underwater’ is a children’s book series that tackles the difficult questions which will hopefully, in turn, create a much needed dialogue between parents and their children in a natural and tactful manner by introducing adoption, skin color, loss of a family member, and dealing with bullies.

The first book in this series helps to show children that although all families are different, they all love their families in the same way.

It is so important that children learn at an early age that some families do not look like their own. This is especially true as they grow into their school age years. Lastly, he wanted it to be super easy to read and to understand. ‘Beginning readers’ will have fun reading it as well!


As the book neared completion, Erik knew that he wanted to figure out some way to get his book into libraries across America.  As the conditions worsened across the globe, he felt like another avenue was needed to help uplift the spirits of the trampled and broken hearted. This global pandemic has brought the world to her knees and he wanted to help in some way. 

Erik learned long ago that one smile can help change the world. It can effectively stop the cycle of anger and sadness in its tracks. What better way to do this than to create t-shirts, onesies for babies, and face masks with one goal in mind. TO INSPIRE


He has partnered with an incredible clothing company that is locally owned in Los Angeles, California called Kid’s Dream and CEO, Chewy Jang, who has essentially stopped in its tracks to lend itself to the front lines of the Covid 19 pandemic by making, donating and shipping thousands of hand made face masks to the essential workers all throughout America. 

Erik Alexander strongly feels that as long as we can help keep people smiling, the brighter everyone’s candle will be to get us through each dark night ahead by being someone’s “Light in the Dark.”

A very generous portion of the sales from his ‘Inspire’ clothing collection will go towards purchasing copies of these books and placing them in libraries across America. As sales continue and to hopefully increase, he plans to add more locations in the future. 

You can purchase your own ‘Inspire’ accessories by visiting his website at www.nolapapa.comFor a complete list of distributors check out nolapapa.com 


Click here to get your copy of The Adventures of Addie Underwater: Every Family is Built with Love from Amazon.

About the author

Erik Alexander is a lifestyle writer and children's book author whose focus is on same sex families. Erik feels strongly that gay families deserve a voice just as any other family. Representation matters. Erik feels it is his calling to help normalize the stigma behind what a family should look like regardless of sexual orientation or skin color.

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