If Babies Could Speak
...And They Do!

Dear Avery Ann!

Well, you arrived early this morning and brought the sunrise. You arrived one day ahead of schedule. Well done!  

What a relief that you and your parents, especially your mommy, survived the long labor and delivery. All of you seem to have rebounded beautifully despite a few unexpected surprises at delivery. I suspect that you and your parents tolerated the birthing process because you’ve all been taking very good care of yourselves. Also, thank goodness for excellent medical care. 

Sometimes, surprises do pop up and may cause us to stumble. Especially when it comes to allergies. This is why it is important that we stay calm and act like good detectives looking for clues. 

Adults can speak up and share how they are feeling. Babies cannot speak up about possible allergies with words, but they can make their voices heard with their cries and actions.  

What I have learned from over 30 years of medical practice is that babies are instinctively smart! They know how to protect themselves from unpleasant triggers. 

Since babies cannot speak up with words, a change in behavior may be a sign that something is bothering them. For instance, a baby may refuse to eat a certain kind of food. She is not being difficult; actually, she may be sending the grown up a message. How brilliant! 

In addition to behavioral changes, babies can also “speak” with  physical signs specifically through skin and/or gastrointestinal tract changes. A baby may show a rash, swelling, signs of tummy upset, spit up more than usual, or you might see a change in stool quality. I will share a table of common signs and symptoms with your parents below. Perhaps this will help them be good detectives!

If there are any specific concerns, your parents should contact your health care provider to see what may be bothering you. 

Your long awaited arrival is a gift for all of us, Avery.  I feel so lucky to be a part of your life and I am so happy to be able to join your parents on their quest to keep you and other babies healthy and happy! I promise I will do my best to understand what you are saying, even when you can’t use words.

xoxo from your An-nie <3


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About the author

Dr. Ann is a board certified pediatrician and practicing allergist/clinical immunologist who received the Boston Magazine “Top Doctors” award five times. She has been practicing the specialty of pediatric and adult allergy for 30+ years. She is thrilled that she is a NEW grandma and looks forward to sharing her thoughts and advice for all interested parents and grandparents in this “Letters to Baby Girl” series.

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