noun The most natural, leak-defying, sensitive-skin-loving diaper on the market.

They put Kudos on their baby’s buns and all of the poo stayed inside.

Kudos to the babyverse

The way we see it, once your baby is in the world, the world is your baby. You’re celebrating. It’s awesome. It’s messy. And that’s why we’re here. With Kudos! For all families.

Our small, passionate team of MIT Engineers (and moms!) is diapering the world differently with a solution that you, your baby, and Momma Earth can get behind. A new something to celebrate.

Kudos are proven to perform against leaks and blowouts using sustainable, plant-based materials that are naturally kind to diaper rash-prone skin. In fact Kudos are the only disposable diapers to have earned the cotton natural™ seal for being lined with 100% clean cotton. Not plastic. We believe in letting butts breathe, so you can too.

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Our mission

Rolling, crawling, stepping toward a plastic-free future

Let’s get there together. One tush at a time.

If all diapers were made the Kudos way

500 million

pounds of plastic would be replaced with clean, unbleached, natural cotton.

2 billion

pounds of fossil-fuel derived diaper materials would now be sourced from renewable materials each year.

That’s the equivalent weight of


diaper pail trash bags


Our founding go-getters

Amrita Saigal

Founder, CEO

Moira Finicane

Head of Marketing

Jim Keighley

Engineering Advisor

Questions? Comments? Partnership ideas?

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at hello@mykudos.com

Amrita Saigal

Founder, CEO

Our Founder Amrita is all about elegant sustainability (i.e. creating sustainable products that truly work!). Kudos is just that. But, fun fact, she didn’t start with diapers! Amrita’s first company out of MIT turned banana leaves into sanitary pads that helped schoolgirls in India get ahead. Today, her dream of creating a leak-defying yet natural diaper is helping parents everywhere get ahead. She’s so excited to shepherd Kudos, and all plant-based baby goods, toward a more plastic-free future.

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Moira Finicane

Head of Marketing

Health food enthusiast and newly minted mom, Moira is our Head of Marketing at Kudos. Her job? Bringing you all the baby butt photos your heart desires. JK. Kinda. Moira is fascinated by the developmental milestones she sees in her daughter, nieces, and nephews. Like Kudos, she's Boston born and raised (undergrad at Harvard and business school at MIT), and in a previous life she led global product marketing for Uber Eats.

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Jim Keighley

Engineering Advisor

Diaper industry veteran, patent-holder, grandfather, and avid boater & fisherman living in Michigan’s UP, Jim is a highly trusted Kudos advisor. Jim brings 36 years of experience working with Procter & Gamble -- including 22 years learning a thing or two about diapers as part of the engineering leadership team for Pampers. When you include his 3 years of experience as the Vice President of Engineering for Kraft Foods, that’s 39 years of building consumer products. We’re so excited to be working with Jim to usher in the next generation of natural, sustainable, baby-butt-friendly products.

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