Cotton Diapers Are Best For Baby's Sensitive Skin

Ever opened up your baby’s diaper at changing time and seen those telltale red bumps? Shudder. 

Diaper rash is the stuff of nightmares for a parent.

Diaper rash can make a baby fussier than usual, and it can make diaper changes take a lot longer. Listening to a baby cry while applying or removing diaper cream is enough to make a parent seek out the best diapers for diaper rash. 

Did you know that using breathable baby diapers can reduce diaper rash by as much as 50%? It makes sense, if you picture yourself in your baby’s shoes (or booties). 

Imagine you are training for a marathon, working hard each day to build strength and endurance. Now imagine that during your long runs and cross training workouts all you can wear is a pair of shorts made of a completely synthetic, plastic material. Probably not the most comfortable gear to wear, right?

Just like if you were training for a marathon, your baby is working hard to get to the next developmental milestone. Every movement of their hands and feet is training their hand-eye (or hand-mouth, or foot-mouth…) coordination. Each day they work hard to control their head, roll over, sit up, crawl, then walk in the baby equivalent of a tough workout.

Friction and moisture buildup in a typical disposable diaper can lead to discomfort and diaper rash. Putting your baby in a breathable, comfortable diaper can help prevent or reduce that discomfort. 

Breathable cotton

Most disposable diapers feature a plastic liner in contact with baby’s bum. Kudos makes the only disposable diaper with a 100% cotton liner, designed to be soft and breathable. 

In tandem with DoubleDry Tech, Kudos’ breathable cotton liner gets moisture away from your baby’s bottom and into the absorbent diaper core. 

Cotton: Breathability + Softness = a happy baby bottom :)


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