Why Newborns Love Wearing Stripes

What’s going on inside your baby’s bobbling head? Actually, a whole lot. Scientists who study the ways babies develop have uncovered some fascinating findings we couldn’t NOT share with you here.

First up. Did you know that babies *love* stripes? Inspiring. And so cute.

Here are three fun facts about how new humans aged 0 to 6 months perceive stripes. 

1. Horizontal stripes are more stimulating for babies than vertical stripes. This might be related to how faces are divided into horizontal regions with our mouth, nose, and eyes.

2. High contrast shapes with firm edges are most interesting to babies. “You can show babies different kinds of pictures and see where they look [in experiments]. Babies will turn toward complex patterns of high contrast and away from simple patterns with little contrast. Checkerboards and bull’s eyes appear to be at the peak of newborn aesthetic sensibility.” - The Scientist in the Crib

3. Babies will trace the edges of stripes and other high contrast objects with their eyes. This is a way of organizing their world and solidifying neural connections in their brains. 

Our High Contrast Prints

Did you know that Kudos diapers are specially designed to capture your baby’s attention by complementing their cognitive developmental stage.  Baby’s brain synapses (connectors) are growing 20x in the first 3 months - gearing up to see color. High-contrast dark and light patterns are fascinating at this time. 


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