Parents love Kudos

Read on as parents share their feelings on the most natural, leak-defying, feel-good diaper on the market.

Thanks Kudos!

The last thing we ever want to think about is our baby’s diaper and Kudos totally delivered. We tried them during the day and also at night, and were so pleased that there were no leaks. It was refreshing to use a diaper with natural materials, that’s good for our daughter’s skin, and not have to worry about whether or not it would work.

Zarla, Scituate MA

No more diaper rash!

We had such a great experience using Kudos diapers and highly recommend them! My daughter was suffering from a bit of diaper rash before with other brands, but after using Kudos diapers it was completely gone and did not return. The fit was also much better than other brands we have used in the past. We had no issues with leaks overnight and the softness is unbeatable. Bonus: super cute print!

Laura, Pelham, NH

Dreamy soft!

We love using the Kudos diapers! They're dreamy soft, yet impressively absorbent. We haven't gotten any issues with diaper rash or poopy blowouts, and I feel safe knowing that I'm not putting something toxic up against my daughter's bum all day/night long. My husband even commented during a diaper change, "Wow these are really great! Let's get more of these!"

Josie, San Antonio, TX

Checklist, fulfilled!

We loved Kudos! There are several aspects that we look for in a diaper: fit, performance and leak protection, rash protection, and sustainability/ compostability - and Kudos scored highly on every aspect! They fit my active kid really well and passed the overnight and diaper rash tests - plus, in comparison to the other brands I'm aware of, they have the highest percentage of biodegradable content on the market.

Molly, Orinda, CA

Very satisfied Mommy

We love how high quality, soft, and leak-proof Kudos diapers are! Before Kudos, we used Pampers cruisers at night, and they would leak almost 50% of the time (sometimes wet all the way up to his armpit!) and we would have to change his whole outfit. We love Kudos because no matter how full the diaper was, it never leaked out. Very satisfied Mommy, Daddy, and toddler!

Emily, Mountain View, CA

No more wet onesies

I ran out of Kudos diapers this weekend so one night I put Samiya in a regular Kirkland diaper to sleep, and sure enough, she woke up in the morning with pee on her outfit because the Kirkland couldn't hold her overnight pee. But Kudos holds it so well every time I have used it!

Neha, Cambridge, MA

Scituate MA

Pelham, NH

San Antonio, TX

Orinda, CA

Mountain View, CA

Cambridge, MA

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