The art and science behind Kudos diaper prints

Parents, you and your babies look at diapers an average of 8x a day. That might be more than you look in the mirror (guilty). So, aside from making our diaper prints easy on the eyes (AKA friggin’ cute), we snuck in a little science. 

Kudos prints are specially designed to capture your baby’s attention and complement their developmental milestones. 

As we dig into our design process, remember that no matter your baby’s diaper size, age, or developmental stage, our diaper prints are simply meant to encourage interactions. Let’s have fun with it!


Sizes N - 2


In these sizes, your baby is likely going from “fresh out of the womb” zone to exploring and communicating. Here’s the three developmental aspects we focused on for this stage:

  1. Vision develops with emphasis on high contrast and eye contact (source)
  2. Between 6 - 8 months of age, babies can distinguish by color (source)
  3. Children can learn nonverbal communication with you, including sign language, as an initial form of communication (source)

Elephant print
Sign language print

Behind our elephant print

Tiny humans wearing this diaper print will enjoy the high contrast of the blue elephants and squiggles on a white background. Your baby might also look for the eyes of the elephants, just as they search for eyes on the faces of the adults they interact with. Larger humans (that’s you) will appreciate the elephant parent-baby pairs, as our elephant print are designed for optimal scientific cuteness. At any age.

Behind our sign language print

Our sign language diaper print is actually designed to help your family communicate with hand signals. For real! Research has shown that teaching sign language to nonverbal babies is a great way to bridge the communication gap between you and your little one.  This print shows how each sign should look -- just follow the arrows to form the words.  The signs we chose should be particularly useful for parents and babies. Think: “poop”, “play”, “all done”! And,  each is a  different color, so you can point out “the green one” or “the red sign” for some early color education.


Size 3 


By the time your baby is large enough to fit in size 3, they’re likely interacting and acquiring new skills at an exponential rate. So for our size 3 prints, we focused on science-backed developmental milestones. Here’s the developmental milestones for this stage:

  1. Motor behavior like scooting, crawling, walking, and dancing increases opportunities for babies to learn (source)
  2. Music improves listening and speech in babies (source)
  3. Babies and toddlers classify new shapes into categories based on their prior experience with geometric forms (source)

Geometry print
Music print

Behind our geometry print

Our geometry print is full of different shapes that are fun to point out to growing brains. Building on science research that shows children as young as 6 months can recognize distinct shapes, this print features circles, triangles, and other polygons in bold contrasting colors. Beyond geometry, our Kudos science character (that U-shaped beaker) has large eyes that babies might try making eye contact with. 

Behind our music print

Bust a move! Scientists (and pretty much every parent’s video reel on their phone) has shown that babies and toddlers love to dance. Babies like music so much that they often dance and smile in response. You’ve probably seen it IRL.  We hope you use this music print to start a dance party and enjoy the cognitive and motor development benefits!

Fun fact: While the Kudos team loves all our prints, our founder Amrita loves these music prints the most. A lifelong violist, Amrita made sure to include the alto clef in this print - shoutout to all the viola players out there!


Sizes 4 - 6 


Your baby or toddler in sizes 4, 5, and 6 are typically mobile and learning so many new things on a daily basis. ABC’s? Check. Holding a crayon? Check. Learning the Pythagorean Theorem? Check, thanks to this Kudos diaper print! We focused on two fascinating studies, and one strong Kudos belief: 

  1. Toddlers can actually tell when math is done correctly (source)
  2. Babies exposed to math do better at math later in life (source)
  3. The sky's the limit for what your baby can learn!

Math print
Space print

Behind our math print

This special print builds off earlier developmental milestones like shape discernment and high contrast colors, but with a new and exciting twist...MATH! Scientists have actually shown that babies under one year of age are capable of telling when math has been done correctly (ever tried to short change a toddler some fruit snacks?). Turns out,  babies exposed to math do well in math later in life, too. That’s why our print gives you the opportunity to point out simple arithmetic and more advanced concepts like the Pythagorean Theorem. Why not?? Consider each diaper change a mini math lesson.

Behind our space print

Our space print inspires babies to dream, explore, and learn to infinity and beyond! As your baby really starts to understand the outside world and sky around them, it's a great time to introduce the wider universe looking at the stars, sun, planets and moon. This print features high contrast extraterrestrial cuteness in the form of planets, stars, rockets and starships.  Point them out on the changing table to your future astronaut.



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